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The Tools

Most folks seem to use Kaplan and Barbri for their bar prep. As much as I would have preferred to use one of these traditional methods of studying for the bar, neither company seemed willing to work with me when it came to lengthening the amount of time I could access their material to study for the bar. Where most people will study in a strict, regimented manner with one of these programs, I am not so fortunate. At this point, I assume I will have to stretch my studying out between 4 and 5 months. The schedule, combined with the absolutely obscene cost of bar prep ($2,600), combined with not wanting to haul books around with me at work (I CAN and I HAVE done this, but I very much prefer not to) lead me to a company called BarMax

The BarMax program is done completely on an iPad, and in my case, an iPad Mini. It contains lectures, flash cards, and everything else that’s included in the whole nine yards of studying for the bar.

The only drawback to BarMax is that because it’s a new company, they don’t have the kind of statistical data behind them showing that they can get students to pass the bar exam. While they have produced results, their sample size is much, much smaller than Kaplan or Barbri.

That being said, they were the company that could provide me with the scheduling flexibility that I needed in studying for the bar. If their program works with my hectic schedule, it will be a testament to their studying philosophy.