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The Schedule

The plan, as thugs stand right now, is to start studying on September 15th with the intent of being to study 3 hours per day (on average), 5 days per week for 22 weeks. While I expect to only need to study around 280 hours in that period (assuming 8 hours per day, 5 days pr week for 7 weeks under a normal study schedule), I’m expecting to have to back track a bit during this process due to the length of time that I’ll be studying. In weeks, this gives me roughly 3 weeks of wiggle room, or a little more than 10% fudge factor. Being that I’m both a pilot AND a lawyer, this seems reasonably conservative enough to accomplish my goals.

The problem, of course, is burnout. 5 months straight of studying for the bar exam, while trying to keep my wife happy, while trying to make sure my kid remembers who I am, should prove to be interesting.

That being said, I can get almost all of this studying done while I’m at work, in October, I start a 2 hour commute (each way), plus all the time that I spend sitting in hotels. On the level, I should only have to study one day per week at home, which seems like a reasonable trade off.