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Retook the MPRE

The MPRE is finished for me, hopefully for the last time.

Where most people take the MPRE shortly after they finish Professional Responsibility, I was not so lucky. Between going back to work in the middle of law school, having a pregnant wife, and then a small child during my last two semesters of law school, I didn’t have any time to take the MPRE while I was in school.

Common logic for the MPRE says that this will come back bite you, and it has for me.

I originally took the MPRE in August of 2013, only to find out that I did not get a high enough score for the jurisdiction that I’m applying to. Where I needed an 86, I missed by a few points, producing a score of 79.

When I took the MPRE the first time, I studied when I could over a 2-3 week period. I thought that having a longer period of time to study for the MPRE would be helpful, but in the end I don’t think it was, and my score reflected the method I used to prepare.

This time, I dedicated a week to the subject matter and followed the BarMax schedule. Overall, I think the exam went better this time, but I won’t know for another few weeks. My only hope is that regardless of what score I’ve obtained on this attempt, that it does not derail my attempt to be accepted to the bar.

In other news, I start my preparations for the bar on November 11th.