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Pass the MPRE

I meant to update this a while ago, but life seems to have gotten in the way. A few updates:

First, I “passed” the MPRE with a score of 106. This has been sent to the State Bar and I have been cleared to take the February bar.

Second, I got sick during the second week of my studying. As in, sick for a month with a fever of 103 without any explanation. After losing 4 weeks of studying to sleeping 14 hours a day for a month, I became well almost overnight. The verdict? CMV, a member of the herpes virus. Other exciting ailments in this same family: chicken pox and mono. The doctor told me that this can be a typical presentation of symptoms when adults are exposed to CMV. In any event, I’m back to being healthy.

Third, I gave myself about four weeks of wiggle room when I made up my study schedule, and at this point I’ve blown through that and then some. I’m glad I was so conservative when I made my schedule, but now it means I have no fudge factor in case anything else goes wrong.

Fourth, and speaking of things going wrong, my company has canceled my vacation for February. I had originally bid for my vacation to be over the bar, with an additional day of vacation a few weeks prior so that I could study as much as possible in February. Not only that, but I put my other week of vacation in January. The good news is that I don’t have to go to work after January 16th, and I can study for the rest of the month on a full time basis.

The very, very bad news is that I’ll have much less study time when February rolls around. We’re bidding for our February schedules now, and I should know if I can hold the bar exam off in another few days. While I suspect I should have no problems holding the days off necessary to be present for the bar exam, I won’t count on being able to make it until I’m actually in Utah.

One of the other pleasures of working for an airline, in addition to the ability to have our vacation taken away from us with 30 days notice, is that my company can take away ANY of my days off. I could, in theory, get to the end of my last trip before the bar exam, and then be told by the company that I can’t go home. If I tell the company that I’m refusing the extension and that I’m going home anyway, I can be disciplined for doing so.

In any event, I’m back on the study train and I’m hacking my way through the property lectures. While I’m still in the core subjects. Thus far, I’ve found that how well I do on the multiple choice questions for each subject area has nothing to do with the score I received in that course, but instead on the quality of that professor. As an example, I did poorly in constitutional law, but it has easily been one of the most straight forward sections that I have run through so far. My constitutional law professor was, in a word, brilliant. Other courses that I did well with in law school have not gone as well for me so far. I expect this trend to continue.