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Scheduling Problems

Most of my colleagues in law school studied for the bar right after graduation, before they started their legal careers in ernest.

Some employers will provide time off to employees to take the bar.

Others will provide a leave of absence to accomplish this task.

At the airline, I can stack my vacation weeks up against each other. With the way our vacation works, any trips that come into contact with my vacation week drops them with pay. This means, if I bid properly, that I can turn one week of vacation into 3 weeks off.

I’ve turned 1 day of vacation into almost a week and a half off.

As such, I placed one day in early January, another week in late January, and then a week in February. My plan was to take a good 6-8 weeks off from work to study for the bar.

But my employer had other plans for me.

My company has decided that they are so short staffed that vacations for February would be cancelled. All that time off for the bar went away, and my revised, post CMV study schedule had a very large hole put through it.

So now I have less than 2 weeks before the bar, and I can’t defer my exam. I give myself a 25% chance of passing the bar. I’ve managed to hobble through all the academic areas that will be covered, but I haven’t had enough of a chance to cover the material in the way that I’d like.

So I’m going to take this last week, hammer MBE questions, go out to Utah and see what happens with this exam.

And then I’m quitting this job, and starting a new one at a company that isn’t having a problem staffing their operation.