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Failed the Bar Exam

It’s official, I’ve failed the bar exam. My jurisdiction required a score of 270, and I received a score of 254. Overall, my essays were better than my multiple choice scores.

This is not surprising to me in the least.

As I posted before, I gave myself a very low possibility of passing after everything that happened with my study schedule. After the exam, I thought I had a chance, as I had known a few of the essay areas fairly well. I was lucky to have a secured transactions question, along with a criminal procedure question that I understood well.

At this point, I see myself as being within striking distance of being able to pass the bar, and as such I will attempt the bar again in February of 2015.

While common logic would dictate that I take the bar again in July, there are some reasons that I have decided against doing this.

First, I am in training at a new airline, and I am learning a new aircraft right now. While I have no doubt that I could study for the bar exam and learn a new aircraft, I have no compelling reasons to do so. I don’t have any plans to make a living as a lawyer in the short term, and as such I have a vested interest in maintaining employment as a pilot, and that means passing training.

Second, while the February 2015 MBE will include Civil Procedure questions, I believe that spending a solid 6 months studying for the bar exam to include Civil Procedure multiple choice questions is a better decision than trying to cram down the academic areas I don’t understand over the next few months.

Third, time. During my first year or two at this new airline, I am likely to be on reserve, which means I will only be working when the company calls me into work. This is both good and bad, in that if the company is staffed well, then I won’t work much. If the company is staffed poorly, then I will work constantly. I’m basically rolling the dice on my new employer looking ahead with their staffing needs, meaning I will work less than if I were holding a line. Additionally, I’d prefer to spend the next few months after training, but before I begin studying for the bar again, with my 18 month old daughter. Put simply, she’s more important than the law will ever be.

So there you have it. Once I decide upon a new schedule for studying for the bar exam, I will post it here and then keep the results updated.